al_zorra (al_zorra) wrote,

Went With Da Wind! Cue the Sound Track

Things we watch when we are too sick to do anything at all.*


In honor of Margaret Mitchell's 113th birthday on November 8th, 1900, we bring you ... Da Dah Da DAH! Carol Burnett as Miz Scarlett and Da Dah Da DAH EVEN BETTER IF THAT IS POSSIBLE! Dinah Shore as Miz Melody.**


Part One:




Second part picks up here -- be sure to catch the dress:






*  My ribs hurt from coughing so much. It feels as though I have broken a couple -- which, I have not, of course.  The rest of me is just as much a misery.  Watching these Carol Burnett satires of Gone With the Wind still made me laugh, which then made me hurt and cough more, which made me hurt more.  Laughing, however, was worth it.

**  The names have been changed slightly.  I can't hear well enough with this cold muffling over my audio receptors, so I can't tell if it's really Miz Tartlett or just my own wishes.

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